A Noble Brunch

May 2015

In May of this year Noble we curated our first event from start to finish – A Noble Brunch. In collaboration with Habitat who provided us with the stunning Platform Gallery and a stunning range of ceramics and tableware, we worked with Christoffer Hruskova ex-executive chef of the late Michelin starred restaurant North Road to produce two weekend brunch sessions.

We wanted to create our definition of a perfect morning’s brunch with impeccable customer service, fresh and interesting dishes and a carefully considered coffee menu that included our own bottled cola made with a double shot of espresso, botanicals and spices.

Hruskova’s menu was heavily influenced by his Danish upbringing – fresh and light, parts foraged to add interest and new flavours to the customer’s plate. The Platform Gallery was a bright and beautiful backdrop, styled by our staff from a light-filled empty gallery space to later pass muster as a modern restaurant with a Nordic influence. In the days running up to the event we transformed a blank canvas into the restaurant, turning an unused kitchen into a working one and brought in a team of chefs the two day service.

We sought out new suppliers: Hansen & Lydersen for their incredible salmon smoked in Stoke Newington, and Clarence Court for their infamous amber-yolked Burford Brown eggs. Coffee came from Heart Roasters of Portland and Workshop Coffee Co. based in Clerkenwell, London; two of the best roasters we know whose dedication to quality – from directly sourcing the green coffee to roasting with a careful, light touch – made this coffee service both interesting and of the best quality.

This coming July 25th we will reclaim our restaurant at the Platform Gallery, continuing our relationship with Hruskova and building on the success that was our last residency. We will look towards summer and its produce with a new set of dishes, new roaster names to add onto the coffee menu and a few new additions to make these brunches sing.