If you can hardly imagine starting your day without a delicious drink from Starbucks, you aren’t alone.


Millions and millions of people, not just here in the United States but all over the world, kickstart their day with chocolate drinks from Starbucks – drinks that have helped to build this café into the international behemoth it is today.


Below we breakdown some of the top 12 chocolate drinks at Starbucks you’ll want to try the next time you visit, especially if you haven’t tried a couple of them.


Let’s jump right in!


The Top 12 Chocolate Drinks at Starbucks


Café Mocha


Easily one of the most popular drinks at Starbucks – not just a popular chocolate drink, but of all the beverages (hot and cold) that Starbucks has to offer – you likely had a café mocha or two in the past.


Perfectly balancing rich, delicious chocolate flavors with whipped cream and espresso, this is the ultimate way to jumpstart your morning (especially if you are a chocolate nut).


You can have this piping hot or over ice, with a little bit of sugar or sweet cream, but a lot of people like to add in steamed milk to give it that extra bit of decadence.


Order one the next time you visit!


Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino


This chocolate drink from Starbucks is found on the “secret menu” but is quickly becoming one of their more popular beverages. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this find its way onto the regular menu in short order.


One of the things that makes this drink so unique at Starbucks is that it does not use coffee as a backbone ingredient.


Instead, this drink starts off with deliciously rich milk (you can swap in all and milk if you’d like) with mocha sauce, a chocolate cookie crumble, and chocolate chips added in. After the whole concoction is blended together it’s topped with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle – and you are off and running!


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino


Another of the “secret menu” Starbucks options you’ll want to think about ordering when you are really looking for a chocolate fix, don’t be surprised if the chocolate covered strawberry frappucino quickly becomes one of your regular favorites.


The drink begins the same way that the chocolate cookie crumble cream frappucino begins, with Starbucks milk (or almond milk) as the foundational ingredient. Frappucino chips, mocha sauce, and a little bit of strawberry sauce gets added into the concoction and then blended up together.


At the end, a bit of fresh whipped cream is added to the top of the drink with dual drizzles of mocha syrup and strawberry syrup to really finish things off.


This is a luxurious chocolate drink with a kiss of strawberry you’ll love all year round, but especially when the weather starts to get chilly.


Double Chocolate Chip Crème Frappuccino


Like a lot of the top 12 chocolate drinks at Starbucks we highlight on this list this frappucino is from the Starbucks “secret menu”.


A cream based beverage (almond milk works well as a replacement if you like that better, though), this is a super chocolate bottom filled with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and just a hint of mocha and a kiss of sugar to elevate it.


The end result is maybe the most chocolatey of all the different chocolate drinks at Starbucks. This is a decadent indulgence that you’ll quickly fall head over heels in love with.


Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso


Starbucks is well known for their incredible hot chocolate beverages, but this iced version is a little more refined and a little more elevated.


A relative newcomer to the standard Starbucks menu, you won’t have to order this off of the secret menu any longer.


Everything with this drink begins with some of the most delicious espresso made, the in-house blend that Starbucks has perfected over the last few decades.


To that almond milk is added, with a little bit of chocolate malt powder, and then the whole drink is shaken vigorously until everything is a silky smooth consistency.


The drink goes into a cup filled with ice to chill it down quickly and evenly and then a little bit of which cream is added to the top with your choice of crushed chocolate chips or a drizzle of chocolate syrup.


Some folks even like to add both!


Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Cold Foam


This was always a pretty popular drink at Starbucks but has been elevated in the last few years thanks to the social media platform TikTok.


Nobody’s really sure why this drink trended on the platform recently, but it’s helped Starbucks to sell more iced white mocha with sweet cream cold foam drinks than ever before. People are falling head over heels in love with everything that this unique chocolatey beverage from Starbucks has to offer.


For starters, you’ll need to order this off of the Starbucks secret menu – but that’s not difficult. This is one of the few Starbucks secret menu options you might be able to order by name, even (though it doesn’t hurt to know the ingredients should you have to order it like that).


This is a drink that has white chocolate mocha sauce mixed with caramel sauce, all added to heavy cream with a kiss of vanilla syrup and vanilla sweet cream cold foam. A shot (or two) of espresso gets added for that bit of coffee kick, too.


Java Chip Frappuccino


Fans of Starbucks went absolutely wild when the café decided to add this drink to the standard menu, and for good reason.


Another of the most chocolatey drinks Starbucks makes, this concoction has three different kinds of chocolate added – all of them working together in concert to elevate one another.


Mocha sauce, frappucino chips, and a mocha drizzle on top of the drink are sure to give anyone their chocolate fix. Frappucino roast coffee and a bit of whipped cream around this beverage off.


You’ll be happy to know that you can have this hot or iced, too.


Peppermint Hot Chocolate


An all-time holiday favorite, it’s difficult to imagine the Christmas season without being able to stop at a Starbucks and get a peppermint hot chocolate.


There’s just something about this perfect blend of peppermint and chocolate that Starbucks has smashed right out of the park. Something nostalgic, something comforting, and something that is always really luxurious.


A mainstay of the regular Starbucks holiday menu, their legendary hot chocolate acts as the backbone ingredient for this beverage.


Peppermint syrup is mixed in (often in pretty generous proportions) but gets balanced out with a couple of extra splashes of chocolate mocha sauce, too. Whipped cream and smashed dark chocolate top this seasonal favorite that helps anyone fill up with Christmas cheer!


Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha


Though this is one of the more popular top 12 chocolate drinks at Starbucks today it can be a little bit difficult to track down, especially if only a handful of Starbucks locations in your area actually carries the Reserve line of espresso from this company.


People drive extreme distances just to get a chance to try this beverage if they don’t have a Reserve stocked café in their area. If, though, you’re lucky enough to have a café or two in your area that does carry Reserve espresso you’ll want to try a Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha ASAP.


Absolutely swimming in dark chocolate flavors, this drink is balanced out a little bit with the Reserve espresso coffee flavors and the whipped cream inevitably added to the top.


Reserve Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha


The iced version of the dark chocolate mocha beverage we highlighted above, this drink also makes use of the now legendary Reserve espresso available only at a limited amount of Starbucks cafés worldwide.


Sure, tracking this down can sometimes be a little bit of a headache or hassle. But if you have a Reserve café in your area, or are able to find one on your travels, make sure that you give this iced dark chocolate mocha beverage a try.


We promise you’ve never had anything like it or its hot alternative.


Starbucks Hot Chocolate


While the coffee at Starbucks certainly put this company on the map their hot chocolate has done quite a bit of heavy lifting, too.


Beloved by adults and children alike, there’s just something about pulling up to Starbucks and ordering one of their incredibly chocolatey hot chocolate beverages when the winter weather starts to stick around.


It’s really tough to beat the feeling of chill in the air (maybe even a little bit of snow on the ground) but not worrying a bit about it because a Starbucks hot chocolate is keeping you nice and toasty from the inside out!


White Chocolate Mocha


Though not everyone is a super white chocolate fan, those that are passionate about this kind of chocolate appreciate the fact that Starbucks offers incredible beverage options that don’t just use this ingredient well but really make it the cornerstone of those recipes.


The white chocolate mocha is almost identical to the traditional café mocha, only this time it uses white chocolate sauce mixed with a mocha sauce. There’s usually a little less caffeine (and fewer calories) in this chocolatey drink compared to the original, too.


Closing Thoughts


At the end of the day, Starbucks knows how to help their customers get their chocolate fix with a wide range of different beverages – some hot, some cold.


If you’re a huge chocolate fan the chances are pretty good you’ve already tried at least a couple of the top 12 chocolate drinks from Starbucks we mentioned above.


Maybe, though, you’ve only tried the options available on the regular Starbucks menu.


If that’s the case, we’d recommend you go a little bit off the beaten path (so to speak) and order some of the drinks we highlighted above that are from the secret menu.


Don’t be surprised if they find a way into your regular Starbucks rotation!